What is Form 941, Download, Apply Online

What is form 941? The form 941 is a employers quarterly federal tax return form that has been paid by the self employed individuals from their salary payments of Indian citizens by every year. The person who are work must be paid the contribution of employers  quarterly federal tax returns every year. This federal tax … Read more

What is 1702RT Form, Download, Apply Online

What is 1702RT form? The 1702RT  form is an annual income tax return for corporation, partnerships and other non individual taxpayers. These tax rates are subjected to only regular income tax rate.The person who are run the businesses and trusts can also paid the annual income tax returns by every year. If you forgot to … Read more

What is Form 8814, Download, Apply Online

What is Form 8814? The Form 8814 is a form that is used to report the parents election for childs interest and dividends to the IRS through the department of treasury. It could be any such as dividends, interest on deposits, investment income, pocket earnings or other sources. These type of childrens had earned the … Read more